Tree Care Services

I provide a number of specialist tree care services for all types of tree, roughly up to the height of a family home.

  • Tree Removal - Complete removal of all types of tree to ground level.
  • Crown Lift - Removal of lower branches to lift the crown of the tree to desired height.
  • Crown Reduction - Size reduction of the tree canopy on all sides and top.
  • Dead Wooding - Removal of all dead-wood throughout the canopy.
  • Fruit Tree Care - Annual pruning of all types of fruit tree to maintain health and crop.
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Garden Services

  • Hedge Cutting - All types, shapes and sizes of hedges cut, reduced or trimmed.

  • Shrub Management - All types, shapes and sizes of hedges cut, reduced or trimmed.

  • Small Site Clearance - Complete or partial removal of unwanted trees, shrubs and plants.

  • Climbers - All types of climbing plants trimmed, reduced or removed.



All debris will be removed and taken to a local recycling plant where it is composted and used in farming.

Any wood large enough for logs can be cut up if desired.

Laurie Frampton
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